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MXT Closed Cartridge System 

The new 49mm Complete Forks set the standard for being the lightest in class for a twin chamber design. The externals are beautiful from genuine Kashima and DLC coating, to the SKF seals, down to the custom billet machined lugs. The outside appearance sends the message that these forks are 100% performance based.

The Blackjack cartridge system brings the latest in fork development. Internally the 49mm Complete Forks include shim tunable spring seats, an internal Kashima tank 
that is a low friction design, compound leaf spring mid-valve, and the desirable MXT Huck Valve. The Huck Valve offers tunable hydraulic resistance at the end of the stroke, this hardware has been exclusively designed and in use by Jeremy for over a decade. 

MX-Tech Suspension uses Blud suspension fluid because it is has the best performance ratings based on our independent testing among the top brands. This fully synthetic oil minimizes foaming, reduces friction and eliminates wear.

SKF dual compound seals come standard too! Shouldn’t every A-kit have them? This new design has two rubber compounds, new geometry for both the scraper lip 
as well as the sealing lip. Molded together these compounds improve sealing lip properties and reduce friction.


Weight: Includes Ti fork guard bolts and Ti axel pinch bolts: 17.66 pounds: .56kg springs, 410cc oil level; 17.01 pounds: .46kg springs, 350cc oil level

  • 49mm fork with Kashima coated upper tubes, DLC coated lower tubes
  • Billet fork lugs are lightweight and strong
  • Full titanium hardware package (axle pinch bolts, fork guard bolts, triple clamp bolts)
  • KTM/Husqvarna/Gas-Gas models will require special Triple Clamp assembly for installation. We partnered with Luxon to offer custom triple clamps. 
    Forks and split triple clamps are included as a packaged set.