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A powerful shock that’s light and supportive enough for crushing climbs, with the damping performance of much heavier, piggyback shocks for ripping fast descents. Designed for the rider who values going up as much as going down and proves that your bike’s capability cannot be measured in wheel travel. 

Air IL offers better damping and smoother suspension performance than other shocks in its class. 

Powered by DB Twin Tube technology, IL gives a super wide range of 4-way damping adjustability and uses 30% more oil volume in the damper compared to other inline shocks. Stock-level suspension makes all kinds of concessions to suit the larger market, and when the amount of rear travel is already minimal, IL is perhaps the most noticeable upgrade you can make to your bike’s performance. 


  • Four-way independent adjustment 
  • Climb Switch & integrated tool 
  • Thicker inner damper tube for increased strength 
  • 17mm reduction in overall width on the valve body to increase fitment possibilities on tight frames 
  • 6mm reduction in the outer diameter of the air spring to further increase the likelihood of fitment 
  • Increased max psi pressure up to 350psi (Up from 300psi) 

Hand-assembled and individually dyno-tested in our Western North Carolina facility, IL shocks continue to provide a level of quality, performance, and rider benefit that is unmatched.

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Shocks are sold without Hardware.