Your SuspensionWerx invoice is broken down into parts and labour components. But, as with every business, it’s a simplified snapshot of what’s included in the cost of the better-than-new performance of your suspension components post-service. An itemized bill would go beyond ‘shop supplies’ to include, among other expenses, our rent in North Vancouver, tools and training, and, of course, dog food.

One cost that your service funds are our significant time investment in researching and experimenting with different lubes, seals, and tunes and then testing those setups in-house and with riders we work with. From there, the best options become factors in the SuspensionWerx difference, which every rider, regardless of their talent and experience, can appreciate on the track or trail.

We're excited to work with the best of the best. Brands like MX-Tech from Bradley, IL.

An important component of that testing process is our ongoing interest in maintaining excellent relationships with all of the suspension manufacturers we work with. It sounds like a no-brainer, but like every relationship this requires a continual input of time and energy, often for a payout that’s years in the making. We’re confident that, in addition to making your serviced product work better today, we’re helping make your next suspension product, from any of the brands we service, superior.

2) In-house testing and working with our manufacturer partners is a key component in guaranteeing our custom tunes and suspension setups.

Through this two-way sharing of information, we have access to our manufacturers' extensive experience with custom tunes and setups of their products, ongoing updates, and future upgrades. This is especially helpful when we’re working with riders outside of the standard performance curve for suspension products, say they’re lighter or heavier weight, or when tuning for exotic bikes that we don’t regularly see.

Manufacturers benefit from our experience working with several of the best suspension brands and with a whole range of power sports and mountain bike riders who are pushing their equipment in demanding conditions across BC and Canada.

3) From our first DO Engineering vacuum oil filling machine – still filling dampers today – to the fleet we operate now, we can always use the best oil option for a given suspension product and use case and have the capacity to continually test alternatives.

Part of building these relationships and ensuring that our technician team has the best possible training has been to visit every brand we work with to see and experience their processes. That could be visiting Andreani in Italy to learn how they build their extensive database of base tunes and how to get the least downtime out of our fleet of vacuum bleed machines. Or training with Eighty-Aid in Germany who are recognized as the worldwide experts in Cannondale suspension products.

We’ve been the Cane Creek in North Carolina to learn from their robust QC/QA process and we’ve seen the level of customization that goes into every National shock and Blackjack fork at MX-Tech in Bradley, IL. From interfacing with brands both large, like Fox Racing Shox and Öhlins, and small, like Vorsprung and MRP, we deliver you an aggregate of the best practices we’ve experienced.

One part of the SuspensionWerx difference.


4) The tools, training, and component inventory, and brand relationships to turn around our best service for you as efficiently as possible.

For more information on the manufacturers we’re partnered with please check out the mountain bike and power sports sections of our website.

As always, please feel encouraged to reach out with any questions.

Thanks for joining us!

April 02, 2024 — Suspension Werx