Speed, traction, and control. In the suspension business, our favourite customer feedback comes after a freshly serviced, or brand new, fork and shock are installed, and they head out to test that fresh setup on a familiar trail. We get e-mails, calls, and messages that are one part exhilaration and one part surprise at the degree to which they notice the performance difference.  

Oftentimes, before that test ride can happen, there is a conversation that takes place about the three options available when it comes time for a full rebuild.

  • A factory 100hr/yearly service for the shock/fork.
  • Replacement with a higher performance shock/fork.
  • Tuning upgrades on the current shock/fork that is in for service.

It is the third option that we will be touching on today. Specifically, the US-made high-flow pistons, custom valving upgrades, and bump-stops from Fluid Focused that our staff, partner shops and customers have been jazzed about.

1) Shock & fork tuning from Fluid Focus x SuspensionWerx

Shock & fork tuning from Fluid Focus x SuspensionWerx

Fluid Focused is a full-service suspension business based in San Marcos, California. In addition to factory services,  they are known for custom tuning focused on alleviating harshness in rough terrain, and lightweight Super Alloy Racing coil springs made by Eibach.  Their name says it all, tuning products either increase fluid flow or, in the case of the bump stops, create a situation where tuners can focus on other aspects of damper performance without concern about bottom-out characteristics.

Every SAR spring rate is mapped in-house on their dyno.

Bump Stops

Fluid Focus manufacturers tapered Bump Stops, bottom-out bumpers if you prefer, in both coil and air shocks to control end stroke events. The tapered bumpers, available in two rubber durometers (35 & 45) and four varieties with different volume cavities, help us fine-tune suspension for the smoothest transition through the shock stroke.

These can be inserted into air shocks or installed on coil shocks as part of a service, often, in the case of the former reducing the requirement for volume spacers. Most frequently we are installing Bump Stops in 2021+ Fox Racing Shox Float X2 and DHX2 rear shocks in tandem with Fluid Focus’ Base Valve Piston kit and valving. They are also available with a factory service, and we install them on a wide range of other shocks.

Fluid Focus Bump Stops are available in with four different cavity volumes across two different rubber durometers.

Enter the Bump Stop compatibility chart.

Fox Rear Shocks

Combined with custom tuning, the Base Valve Piston Kit for 2021+ Float X2 and DHX2 shocks significantly increased fluid flow through the high-speed damping circuit. This improves smooth compliance over the roughest terrain without reducing the range of high-speed compression (HSC) adjustment where applicable.

The tuning & piston package is compatible with both Factory-level and Performance-level suspension and notably improves performance with either product level for significantly less of an investment than buying a new top-end rear shock.

The additional fluid flow of the Fluid Focus Base Piston is obvious, as is the difference in personally tuned damper performance.

RockShox Forks

Here at SuspensionWerx we do not generally service RockShox suspension products. For RockShox service, we recommend the services of the good folks at Fluid-Function in Squamish. That said, the Fluid Focus Charger 3 Compression Adjuster Piston, combined with custom valving, makes such a performance difference that we are happy to take in your Charger 3 damper to be upgraded.

The linear Fluid Focus piston will “build damping during high-speed hits giving the rider more control without relying on volume spacers.” Or to put it more plainly, this damper upgrade promises a reduction in initial harshness, improved compliance through the entire damper range, and increased damper support at the same time.

Get the best performance out of the RockShox Charger 3.0 damper in your Pike, Lyrik, or Zeb fork with custom valving and a new Compression Piston by Fluid Focus.

Fox Forks

Increasingly, riders who have an excellent Fluid Focus experience with rear shock tunes are also asking to have their fork dampers tuned. Fluid Focus has developed damper tunes to match rider-tuned compliance and support of their rear shock program and we are happy to off this service as well.

Fresh SuspensionWerx logos and James' tools ready to go.


We are happy to quote service and tuning on a case-by-case basis as it allows us to best tailor options for specific riders. Please e-mail info@suspensionwerx.com for more information on Fluid Focus and our other custom tuning and upgrade options from brands like Vorsprung and PUSH.

June 27, 2024 — Suspension Werx